Hello folks,

I know that I have been very erratic with my posts. Part blame definitely goes to my laziness and part to the fact that I got married last week in super rush. Well yes! I did. 🙂 My Big Day happened on 12th of May 2014. Read details about how Ashish and I met and fell in love here.

Things got finalized a day and a half before the big day and we sent out the email and phone invites as soon as we possibly could to whosoever we could remember. Some people invited themselves and I got to admit I love these people.

My sincere apologies as we know that we missed out on many people and promise a party whenever we meet.

Details: Meanwhile I am sharing a few details of how our day turned out. We did a simple court marriage, followed by pheras etc. in Mandir. We threw a pre-wedding party in Golf Course, Crossings republic. Considering it was a MAY wedding, we expected soring temperatures and humidity. To our surprise both the days turned out very pleasant.

On the day of pre-wedding party (10th May, Saturday) the lush green well-manicured golf grounds were refreshed by a light drizzle of rain in the evening. Hot May noon transformed into a beautiful early November like evening, soon after I stepped out of the salon. Weather was one of the highlights of the evening. This pre-wedding party was more of Mehandi and Sangeet arrangement. Sangeet got stretched and Mehendi started around 11.pm. Well! All the Punjabis were busy singing, eating, dancing and drinking. Drinks overflowed and so did smiles. To sum it up, it was a perfect one except the flower decoration which was literally non-existent.

Many thanks and love to the people who turned up from all sorts of different cities with their super hugs on such a short notice. We love you the world and your presence turned our small beautiful, rain drizzled evening into an evening much more meaningful and memorable.

Here is the invite that we sent across. I feel it matches our personalities pretty well.

“Hello Peeps!

I am getting married! Finally we have a date; 12th of May.

Ashish and I would like to invite you to our little get together, an Indian style pre-wedding party with all our friends and family. Considering how erratic we are, we could have gone and gotten a simple court marriage. But how can we start on this new journey without your love, blessings and best wishes. You people mean so much to us and we want you to be with us before we commence on this trip. You see, we are very greedy that ways 😀

Further, apologies for the last minute invite, but considering how random life has been, we shouldn’t have expected our wedding to be any different. Cheers! And we want you there. 🙂

Save the date | Rakshita + Ashish

Save the date | Rakshita + Ashish

*Considering that we’ve got the date today, please bear with us as we don’t have the venue yet. Should have things in place by tomorrow or day after. Will keep you posted about it.

Ashish contact details: xxxxxxxxxx and I can be reached on xxxxxxxxxx.

To Love!
Rakshita & Ashish”

Yes, the party got preponed a day but I got to admit that being married to my best friend feels rather great.

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