Incidentally “Truly Madly Deeply” by Savage Garden is one of my all-time favorites. But this post has got nothing to do about the song or the band.

Do you believe in Love Marriage or an Arranged one? I believe, both will be blah if either is not with the right person. Falling in love is not that hard. What’s rather tough is getting to that right person. Well we all (single or married) know that struggle, don’t we?

I managed to find my kind of crazy and a travel freak. Though he is a Brahmin by birth, he is more of a believer (of goodness) than a theist regularly going to temples. We were fortunate and maybe a tad bit intelligent to look beyond our normal societal making.

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Have you checked out Their blog talks exactly about what I mentioned about me in the previous para. It suggests to not generalize and categorize people as a herd with common traits but asks us to look beyond the usual “Societal Making” of any person with their campaign #BreakingStereotypes. not another site (or maybe it is). The only thing I am not a big fan of is their tagline “Find True Love”. To me “Finding True Love” is overrated, however I truly dig their blog and the overall appeal of this site. It stands apart in its feel that’s modern and upbeat and is breaking stereotypes. With the though process like that, this match making site is more from our era and if I were single, looking for love/marriage I wouldn’t hesitate registering on it.

We all have been stereotyped more than once and I am no different. So when TrulyMadly team asked if I would like to be part of their campaign, no wasn’t an option. TM asked me how I have been stereotyped and being me I couldn’t zero down on one particular thing as there have been freaking so many of them. So instead of telling them all of them, I told them my life story in fast forward mode and they came up with one liner that sums up me and my life is the most beautiful and meaningful words. “I am a Globe Trotter but I always eat dinner at home”. - Rakshita Kapoor – Rakshita Kapoor - #BreakingStereotypes - Rakshita Kapoor – #BreakingStereotypes – Rakshita Kapoor

To me, it breaks down to that no matter how much I travel, where I go and how wild spirited I might be, I come back home to my comfortable corner and solace. And it definitely answers back to all the stereotypes that I have been a victim of.

Below are a few more pictures of me from the day. - #BreakingStereotypes - Rakshita Kapoor – #BreakingStereotypes – Rakshita Kapoor - #BreakingStereotypes - Rakshita Kapoor – #BreakingStereotypes – Rakshita Kapoor

I loved my experience with the brand. Do check out their website and blog and share your thoughts. Website | Facebook | Twitter
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