is nation’s first complete Trousseau Planning service headed, managed and run by its three pillars Lovneesh Kaur, Ruchi Gosain and Rakshita Kapoor. It provides help with planning of pre-wedding, wedding, and post wedding outfits, jewellery and gifts for both bride/groom and their families.

It provides an end to end to end service, that starts at the selection from a wide array of gifts for the couple and wedding guests, given as Wari, Noge and Milni to the gifts packaging in the fanciest of materials.

At we believe that: “There is nothing more beautiful than a happy bride. So she shouldn’t be running around, from one door to another or from one designer to another, all stressed and hassled.

At we give every bride and groom the comfort of shopping within their own homes during the festivities of marriage. We bring you the latest in Wedding Fashion scene in the budget that you tell us. We take away the stress of the bride looking for that perfect dress. We give her not just her dream dress for her big day but also a series of custom styled and selectively put together ensembles for all the pre and post wedding times.

We never let you feel lost in the tiny details of Trousseau Planning. We do it for you.


You can hire team for any or all of your wedding functions + honeymoon. Just drop a query on their Facebook group or leave them a message/whatsapp on any of these numbers: +91-9999874050, +91-8196057800, +91-8764118343.