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Hello people. After getting engaged to my best friend last year, we are now planning to tie the knot. Read about our silly little love story here.

We are getting married! Just don’t know when, where and how. There are couple of dates that my family is considering and bouncing off us, as we, the couple don’t seem to have any preference for any perticular date. I can get married to him whenever I want, moreover marriages in my perspective are just to balm our society’s ego and ease out the societal pressure. Love and happiness is not even remotely connected to the majestic word called Marriage.

So if I may say it out loud, say it up upfront, say it without offending or hurting emotions of any ‘would be’ married couples, just a thought of the “Big Day” is gives me jitters and wrecks my nerves. As I sit and think of all the things that could possibly go wrong on ‘THE DAY’, I get scared and try not to even think about it. Maybe I am over reacting, or maybe I am just another victim of the wedding anxiety. All this is interesting but it’s worrying us, the otherwise cool, take it easy kind of couple.

On an unrelated note I will be travelling to Morocco and Spain this summer. Any recommendations and suggestions of the places that I should visit for you? I am so thrilled about it, even dreaming about the gorgeous Islamic architecture, arches, warm mustard backdrops and beaches. Ya baby, let’s talk travel.

As I sit and think about plans for both the things “Wedding” and “Trip to Morocco + Spain”, I get super excited about the later. Wonder why? Have tried to chalk out my reasons below, do you agree with me on these? If not, what are your thoughts about the big process of wedding planning?

My reasons in rather simple words:
1. Travel planning is exciting and filled with adrenaline whereas wedding planning on the other hand, is stressful and nerve wrecking. Options in hotels, beaches, destinations leave you dreaming, options in wedding dresses, jewelry, wedding themes, arrangements, food etc. leaves you giving nightmares.

  1. Travel instill emotions and feelings in people. They either admire the traveler, feel happy for them or get outright jealous of them. Weddings instill actions in people, they sing, dance, gossip and find flaws in one thing or another.

  2. During wedding planning phase, everybody is a subject matter expert, everybody has an opinion whereas, on trips they are not and hence usually let the travelers be. How calm, free and peaceful it is to be in an opinion free zone? And even if people do have a suggestion or two on a travel plan, they don’t seem to mind if its not followed point to point, which is not the case with wedding planning.

  3. For a prefect dream wedding everything needs to be preplanned, if the wedding is not per the plan, it’s usually a disaster. Things are other way around in travel. Mystery sparks a thrill and hints towards adventure. While travelling even if nothing goes per plan, you are sure to return wanting more of it. A bag full of wonderful fascinating stories is an added bonus.

  4. THE DAY is overrated. Labeled as “Happiest day of life” I doubt if it will be one. I have no doubts that it will be a very happy day, in fact it’s going to be great and maybe fabulous, but not the happiest considering I won’t be any exception at the hands of all the little details that boggle almost all brides down. I know the happiest day of my life will be a day from one of my travels. It can be when I climb Everest summit with my future kids, I mean… you never know. Right?

PS: After each trip I usually have over a couple of stories and tons of pictures to share with you all, however, in case of wedding, all I’ll put up will be a handful of pictures and probably just one story (if at all) about how gorgeous the wedding was. So in my head, wedding is a social arrangement that lacks the meat and aspiration + inspiration juice to pump up my social channels. I might as well keep the wedding aside and spend all that money on a trip to an exotic locale.

PPS: When did love ever follow rules anyway?

Until Later,
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Love never follows rules

Love never follows rules