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There have been lots of questions lately about my reasons for travel. Some of the people raise eyebrows while other fancy it, some get a bit jealous and while others try to dream my dream. Nearing 30, I, like a good Indian, independent working girl should be making heavier investments, saving for the old age, working nonstop for director/VP position, saving for the times of crisis or (the best one) saving for the future kids. But I don’t and against all and everybody’s expectations, I travel. I travel because it’s my drug without which I doubt whether I can survive anymore. It’s probably my only source of undiluted, unadultrated joy, health, happiness and sanity. Travel to me is:

1) An Anti-depressant: This is the BIG ONE. Travel is probably the only cure, the only resolution, the only harmless rebound and one of the few things that will leave you feeling strong and invincible. No heart break is strong enough to stand again the power of self-discovery and self-appreciation that comes around with the embrace of a solo trip to an unexplored land.

2) An Aphrodisiac: Travelers by the virtue of the act become emotionally strong, risk-taking and wary of the silly practices of patriarchal society. They bear pain of swollen ankles, blistered feet with a million dollar smile and usually believe in equality of all the worldly members. That’s desirable and attractive. Travelers are tough to bear with the world and yet are soft towards it. They are attractive adventurers with desirable compassionate hearts. All such great traits ought to contribute to great sex.

3) An Energy Booster: Travel lends a mystical energy that is Zen in its purest form and yet capable to kill all the fears of the unknown. When travelling, my brain works faster, body is more agile, feet agree with me to cover up longer distances, eyes are constantly wandering to soak up more views, to solve the hidden riddles. It’s like experiencing exotic rush without actually being rushed.

4) A Pain killer: Travel gets the joints working and thanks to the backpacks – backaches and spondylitis stand less of a chance, as the hikes with a backpack miraculously bends your back while making you stand tall with pride. Its help your lungs to breathe better. You stop getting headaches, as your eyes never tire of the varied mesmerizing sites in front of them.

5) A Relaxant: Travel is a relaxant. It works beautifully, taking a person from extreme high to a mesmerizing calm. It’s like a bungee drop, that excites and wrecks your nerves as you plan and walk towards the jump point. And within seconds of the jump, you experience an empty hollow at the pit of your stomach that soon transforms into an ease as you decend moving like a pendulum while witnessing the beautiful view of the valley/ waterfall/ ground beneath you. All the senses; strained, swollen and stressed nerves along with the other gifts of our anxiety zapped lives soothes away and a subtle content smile automatically finds its way to the lips.

With such a combo pack of drugs with me, I don’t see myself and my travel sprees slowing down anytime soon, not after marriage, after I have babies. Zero travel doesn’t even seem to be a viable, worth considering option, not right now, not ever.

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Travel is a Drug |

Travel is a Drug |