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Off late, my writings have been focused on past and current happenings of my life. I often delve deep and analyze various aspects of life in pure isolation. But amidst all this writing, one thing that consumes me completely and leaves me enthralled is something that I never thought would even come close to inspire me.

It’s my best friend and is addressed by one of the latest, fast catching and FAD word called “Travel”.
This so called best friend of mine named “travel” has time and again made my happy memories more memorable, it stood by me as a thickest friend when my best friend couldn’t relate to or comprehend my voiceless feelings. It understood me by making me look at things with a fresh perspective. It made me realize, that I am very petty, as petty as a grain of sand in this huge ocean of big world swarming with billions of people. If that’s true, how can anything related to me, happiness, thrill, joy, jealousy or pain be monumental?
Travel was my crutch when I was limping and became my Nimbus 500 when I had the courage to fly. Just thinking about it, leaves me with a pleasant nostalgia. It’s so beautiful that looking at it makes me drool and leaves me desperate, wanting more and more of it.
There is none and can never be any hate story in our relationship. It’s just mutual love & care, appreciation & admiration for each other. It invites me to explore more of its world and in return, like a happy puppy, I go running after it.
Below are few of the breathtaking shots of some of the places that I wish to go visit (hopefully soon :D). For more of such locations, follow me on Pinterest @RakshitaKapoor.


a) First left: Borobudor Temple, Indonesia
b) First right: Jubilee gardens, South Bank, London
c) Center left: Calm waters in Kerala, India
d) Center right: Venice in winter
e) Bottom right: Biei, Hokkaido, Japan
YOU NEVER TRAVEL ONCE! If you’ve travelled once, you want more of it till you get your next trip and then you want the next.
Until the next trip
– Rakshita