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When you say you are a traveler, people unconsciously seem to imagine you in baggy cargo pants, t-shirt and a backpack. I am all for comfortable travel with minimum weight en all. But that doesn’t discount for looking good, hygienic and healthy in the pictures worth many memories. Just a few right pieces and you without lugging kilos around, could be looking that every bit chic and stylish.

I had no plans to travel this summer, but what do you do when you get surprised by tickets to couple of exotic locales? You go shopping. And that’s exactly what I am planning to do. From today on, half an hour of my day would be invested in pre-trip shopping.

If you are a new reader to my blog, you must know that I am not much of a backpacker. I heart my sleep and hence I got to love the beds I sleep in and that accounts for good hotels. If I am staying and pampering myself well, I got to dress the part.

So without taking the high horse about budget travel with no shopping and makeup, I, in this and the following posts, plan to break a few summer snazzy looks down into bits and pieces available at some of the most sought after and available brands. First theme is right below, go dig right in!

The Mystery of White resolved

White (a) the ‘Long White Dress’ is a pleasant cousin of the ‘Little Black Dress’. It’s simple, classic and elegant and will not get you in trouble in unfamiliar, new and strange places. Team it up with summer essentials and go explore the town.

White long flowy dress

The Long White Dress

Look (a) decoded:

White (b) There is nothing quite lux than a good swim in the private pool, followed by margaritas and a relaxing message. What takes the definition of luxury a notch higher is the blend of white and gold. Think Egyptian queens sun bathing on Hollywood yachts. 

Pitbull babes unfashioned

White and Gold Luxury

Look 1(b) unraveled For Pitbull inspired backdrop sans sky high heals plu love handles

White (c) An Ode to The Sailor – No trip of a wandering soul in summer could be complete without a dash of nautical strips, sailor’s ancor and whites.

An ode to the sailor

An Ode to The Sailor – Feeling Nautical

Did you like the looks? Let me know what other summer looks would you like me to decode.

Till then, travel a lot and travel in style!

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