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I feel fat… Happy! Yet a bit fat! Thanks to all the love, unlimited supply of macaroons, sheer indulgence on the past trips and absolutely ‘0’ workout, I have gained 8 freaking kgs over the past year.
And now I am on a quest to loose few kgs. Needless to say that like many new fitness freaks, I too have resorted to treadmill for rescue and am trying to eat healthy (sans oil and other fatty acids) whenever possible. So if not the meals during the day, it’s the meal at the dinner time that helps me balance out those extra calories. I tend not to skip dinner, as I am not a big fan of midnight hunger pangs. However, what I do try is to avoid any form of carbs such as breads, roti, pasta etc. I am no expert on what to and not to eat, so I will shut-up right here.
I splurged and indulged in the hearty buffet last evening and skipped my workout today morning, so now I am here, trying to balance out all those extra calories by this huge bowl of Greens with Apples and Lemons.
Fact: You tend to become a self-proclaimed expert of cooking with leftovers or a very few ingredients, when you are staying alone.
So here is my dinner for today: Assorted Salt and Pepper vegies with “An Apple”, a simple, throw-in the pan mix of whatever greens I could find in my refrigerator.
Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper

A dash of olive oil, hot enough to char the veggies and a pinch of Salt and Black Pepper to taste. (I wonder what I will do without black pepper in my life). Apple has gone a bit soft and gooey; it will stay crisp if added towards the end but I prefer it cooked as it lends a sweet tang to the other veggies (green beans, bell pepper aka capsicum, and tomatoes). I don’t know how tempting it looks to you guys, but it tastes absolutely delightful to me.
Added bonus: I can finish the entire bowl and not feel guilty about it one bit and it’s cooked in just 10 minutes.
Add a dash of lemon and Voila! The dinner is served!
P.S: It’s absolutely safe to try this at home. 🙂 Let me know how did your veggie mix turned out.

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