Its feels like eternity since I last wrote any words down. It’s been a crazy month, as I promised myself, my first venture is about to go live in another week or so. Raasleela, a brick and mortar store for Indian Ethnic Wear that I had planned to launch with my mother is about to see the light of day. I can’t be any more excited about it.

It was a month of sheer hard labour, negotiations, running around, zillion calls, shouts, pestering, threatening and smiling to get the things rolling, it was exhausting. Business is not easy and consider this difficulty tripled if you are a couple of women trying to get the work done out of a bunch of uneducated, uncouth men, who’ve only seen women in mere dim light of household windows. It’s a tough job, rather a back-breaking one. I would usually refrain from making any general sweeping statement such as the one which follows but “Dude! Indian men do need an attitude fix; a very strong one indeed”.

Despite all the hard time, this past month has been complete revelation as well. Such unconditional support from my family is all the reason I will be able to get this showroom in place in less than a month. I can’t be grateful enough to Ashish for all those calls with dealers, suppliers, for innumerable rounds to the crowded markets, for negotiations and most importantly for being my backbone during this stressful month, all of it amidst his demanding work schedule. I highly doubt I would have managed any of it without his support.

There are so many other souls (who from complete strangers became acquaintances and are now dear friends), who came forward to help us with all the little yet crucial things as lights, flooring, stocks etc.

Business is a very hard nut to crack, the only thing that keeps you sane is clearing your head of all the doubts again and again. Many times in a week, many more times in a day you will question your choices and decisions. Many a times you’ll feel rushed, you’ll feel what the fuck and why the fuck are you doing it. All you have to remember is the reason you took the leap of faith, the situation that lead you to take the decision and the bigger goal.

Just breathe in and breathe out slowly, every time you feel that you are about to loose your mind. Tweak your steps along the way, be flexible. Give yourself deadlines but account for delays if you want accuracy and quality. If you’ll be rigid, you’ll go crazy over thinking everything. Remember that the world doesn’t move at your pace, it’s got its own pace. So do speed up your pace but do account for the worldly factors that might slow you down.

Keep your head down, take one step at a time, don’t expect support because it’s your call, your baby but if you are fortunate to get some support – take your supporters along. Be grateful to them and everybody who has helped you build your dream.

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