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Title is so, because I couldn’t think of anything better without making it sound cheesy.

It’s 2.33 am, 3rd Nov 2013. I am listening to Geri Halliwell – It’s Raining Men. Not liking the rushed and hurried feeling it’s giving me with its pacey beats.
I got engaged yesterday, actually, day before yesterday, on 1/11. What a fab number to get hooked, hitched, knotted or whatever on.
It wasn’t a very special day. I mean, it was all special for its occasion, its grandeur, with all my loved and the most important people in it. But there wasn’t anything particularly distinctive about it. It could have been any other day of the year or any other year, at any other festival, function or wedding, with the same people and I would have dressed up the same or maybe a little different and I would have been fine with it.
I am in absolute love with the date though.
1/11 didn’t lack any of the awesomeness the engagements days are supposed to hold. Maybe because it wasn’t “that” particular day (don’t remember, exactly which one) when I fell in love (don’t really know, but I think love is the rightful word for the feeling) with him, it simply felt like just another chapter to our story. I am not one big gooey, lovey and mushy kinds but I do want all the romance. Admittedly, I am one of the confused, hard to read or understand female lot.
So what’s the special day then?

The day when I sat next to him crying over some work politics and he said nothing, the day when he laughed out loud when I called out my boss a “dog” (it was my boss’s Chinese sunsign), the days when we didn’t care about the entire freaking world and made fun of it like was no body’s business, the days when he stood by my side, enrolled himself with me and then took self-forced classes for French and then GMAT, the day he first cooked for me, the day when he got me my first designer cake, the day when he learnt driving to take me out, the days when he looks at me and reads me like an open book, the days when he is a bigger spendthrift than I am, the days when he tells my mom the exact reason (without any prior knowledge of it) of what’s upsetting me, all those days when he manages to irritate me to the core and make me laugh, both at the same time, the days when he books a couple air tickets to the fanciest of travel destinations, the days (almost all of them) when he loves me for all that I am; little sane and mucho INSANE.All these days are special, special because I remember them, very special because I cherish them and super extra special because they have you in them. I couldn’t have found a better “my kind of crazy” than you. You are perfect for me. Pinch me all you want for this is my reality and you are my drug that has gotten me addicted to life.(To anyone like me reading this blog: I am allowed to be all cheesy today and tomorrow and maybe dayafter)

Quick note: All those trips wouldn’t have been even half bit fun without you!
Quicker note: I still have more international Visa Stamps on my passport than you :p And I do intend to maintain this position by going with you, everywhere you go… HAHA!
P.S: even with lesser Visa stamps, I love you. :*
Maldives Sep'13 - Ashish and Rakshita

Maldives Sep’13 – Ashish and Rakshita

To many and many more couple shots, holiday tan and fat and all savings spent on travel.

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