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It’s a Voting day today here in Delhi. I hope all you Delhi people got your pretty bums to the voting booths to vote for a better city. I wish I were able to vote for the government in Delhi, was actually all set with my pick of the political party and then I realized I don’t have voter’s card to vote in Delhi’s elections. I hail from UP and now work in Haryana so my great idea to vote for the city elections turned into such a Boo! Boo!
Anyhow! Please do vote if you want your rights. Go out and flex those voting muscles.
4th December’13 | Listening to Dido’s White Flag 
Happy December

Happy December

After my much dejected last post (you can read it here) about how we are ruining this world with almost all our actions, I heard an announcement about something rather pleasant on @94.3 Radio One – Celebrate ‘Being Human’ day or similar name day (please pardon my messed up memory)on 11/12/13.
It asked listeners to share their random acts of kindness with the others listeners. I felt good because if nothing more, it’s an effort where we recognize how others and we have been kind to the world. It felt different as kindness is not a regular or popular topic of the discussions of my civilized, posh and corporate world. It’s not something we talk about a lot these days and even if we do, it’s in the lookalikes of Page3 parities where we would be flaunting thousands worth of bags, while our maids would be earning just a couple of thousands for the entire month for keeping the house clean. It’s rather a sadistic irony considering that how we all are aware of it and yet play a big part of the situation!
Steering back to the topic: Kindness! When was the last time you were kind? An hour back? This morning? Yesterday? In my head kindness no longer stays a habit or practice among us. I mean, if it was a habit or a ritual, why would there be an entire show on it? Do we have radio or television shows on “Hey, how did you brush your teeth this morning” or “Hey, tell us how warm or cold the water was in the shower today” We don’t!
So it was a pleasant reminder that asks us, the listeners to probe and jolt our memory about when was the last we were kind.
A single act of goodness can have a strong lifelong influence on people’s life. Salman’s latest interview on Karan’s show is a great example where he talks about how he was so strongly influenced by the people who did right by him in whatever small gestures they did. It’s interesting to listen to such a small yet warm anecdote which left him influenced and kind that he is known for, among his fans and film fraternity.
To cut the long story short, ‘kindness’ not only has the power to influence, but gives the person being kind, a sense of fulfilment and satiation. It’s the feeling that many of us seem to be going crazy looking for. So here! The answer is: Be Kind! And tell the world (maybe!)
You don't need a reason to help people

You don’t need a reason to help people

What is my latest Random Act of Kindness?  
I will tell you but then I will need to kill you. And I am not a killer! 
Well! I am also planning something for poor this winter but shall not talk about it unless it’s done. On that note, I will leave you to decide your “Random Act of Goodness”. How are you planning to bring warmth in somebody’s life this winter?
Note: If kindness is too much of an effort, try gratitude. It’s easier, simpler, leaves the other person wanting to do more for you (well! in most cases) and is the first step before you actually start doing something for others.
Today I am Thankful

Today I am Thankful

Read and listen: What is it that makes someone stop and help a stranger in need? WBUR is exploring that question in a radio series, Kind World, featuring stories of kindness and the profound effect that one act can have on a person’s life.
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