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It’s 22nd Dec’13 and I am just counting days to my upcoming trip to Hong Kong and maybe Macau.
3 Days to go!
Countdown has begun and I can’t be any more excited. This particular break has come about at a much needed time when my brain is just this close to go all bonkers with everything around.
Because of this trip, I will be missing a very dear friend’s wedding. I am not a wee bit happy about it, but my tickets are non-refundable (silly excuse, I know!). She was my roommate in first year of college, and then I moved to Mumbai and later to the US. She also moved to the States but to some different corner about which I had no idea about. What amazes me is that she is still studying; she did her masters and now perusing PHD which will be complete in 2018. Amazing right? MBA is on my agenda for a good long time now, but I believe NIFT has spoiled me a little too much to ever study or pickup books again.
Within a few days she will married, married and gone to the US. Like some old aunt in the family, I am too sad and but also so happy for her, both at the same time. I wish her well and may the couple spend years and miles together with tons of smiles and laughter.
On an unrelated note: Last week I got a sample of Dove cream beauty bars in a white pouch. It had a letter asking the reader to spend a day with a friend over gossip and fun. It couldn’t have come around on any better time.  I never usually endorse or write about brands (haven’t done it so far), but this note has something special about it or maybe it came at the perfect time.
Dove Trial Pack

Dove Trial Pack

Around 6.00 pm I got a call from her, confirming that she is home after a backbreaking day of the wedding shopping. Just made a visit to her place and swear you me, it was one hell of a crazy evening. Stupid hilarious, yet infectious laughs over how I used to hatch hot pot of water with Maggie in a quilt thinking it will cook the same way eggs get hatched under the hens butt. Went mad laughing about how she would convince me that I should ration the visits of other hostel girls who visit every 5 minutes as she needs to mug up her course material, the way we would gossip, bitch and mimic other hostel girls, how I would spell 4 of French as quatre with an accent e, the pretty eyes chica, the breezers, the Mishti Doi breaks @5.00 pm and much more of the hilarious nonsensical anecdotes.
Meeting with Ipsita

Meeting with Ipsita

I was the pin point of almost all the jokes cracked today evening. Apparently, I haven’t changed wee bit as per aunty and Ipsi but I am not fully convinced. I think I am a little smarter, less naïve, same ol’big mouth and most important I now resemble a bloated balloon. I should however, make an effort to believe their words as old friends do tell the truth. Don’t they?

As the Dove note asked of me, I did make a visit to this amazing old friend of mine (we met after 10 years) and were like a house on fire the way we used to be 10 years back. Man! It felt like yesterday, in fact it felt like TODAY. Somethings don’t age and when they do, they transform into such beautiful relationships without any pretenses, ego or tussles. They transform into beautiful, honest, hilarious and warm pieces of fuzz, enough to keep you cozy for another next 10 years.

But that’s no excuse for us to stay away for another 10 years. I hope to see you much before that. I hope you are listening Girl!

Mucho Love and luck to you!


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