I woke up uneasy, tensed and completely stressed out. It felt as if, time for a crucial exam is running out. You know that feeling when you graduate out of school and still dream about running out of time during a lengthy school test? I haven’t felt like this in a long time now, but for a past few days, my heart is pounding and I go in trance thinking about what I am going to do after I’ve left the job. I think I am addicted or “a subtle word” habitual to it. The mere thought of leaving old habits can be daunting. I can only imagine what next few months will unravel for me during the execution course of this thought.

News: I have decided to take a sabbatical from my high profile (I call it high profile, because it served me very well and I hope I did justice to it and well! it is High Profile for people looking at it from outside) corporate job. I am very thankful to all the people that I’ve come across during the tenure of 6 years long career and the learnings I’ve gained in this over half a decade. It has not only defined me and my life for good but has also given me truckloads of confidence and courage to snap out for a couple of months (hopefully more) and evaluate my almost 3 decades of life while planning to plunge in bigger and riskier propositions. I feel so humble and can’t be thankful enough for all it’s given me which is so much more than mere beefy cheques and tons of cheer. I am filled with gratitude, and warm mushy happy feeling as I write this.

I have no clear idea or a hand me down recipe of how should I get cracking and what should I do. For all you know, I might just sit under the bright sun and dare to count the wings of the flying birds (and then seek your recommendations for a good ophthalmologist). One thing that I will try to make a practice is to stand in the balcony or on terrace stare at building, people on streets, inside peoples house with binoculars, not because I am some cheap freak,  but to get a bird’s eye view. It always give you a better perspective on things in general.

Another thing that I will do is write down all the random thoughts and will shamelessly share on this space. I also hope to make this space a bit more useful by jotting all the business ideas, interesting insights from life and consumer needs – market gap. So far, I have been writing about my travel escapades on a continuous basis and a few nature friendly products etc. on an impromptu basis. From now on, I will document my notes about all cool stuff and things that I come about; a new insightful startup, a quirky design piece, a great communication by a brand all will be covered. After all GypsyFly’s by line is: “Serendipitous little discoveries”

On the work front, I have made myself a promise to start three ventures and put all my rejuvenated energies behind it.

  • First is “GypsyFly.co” – this very space will be getting nourished with whole lot of quality content. Initiating my thoughts with a new section called “Super Brands & Startups”. Adding to this section, I will also consult, provide digital strategy and do marketing for cool startups.
  • Second is “Raasleela” – the Indian Ethnic Wear studio which I plan to launch with my mother (an excuse to spend more time with her, while keeping her busy and engaged). She has been designing for some time now. I am one proud daughter to wear a Lehanga designed by her on my Mehandi.
  • Third: Am still thinking about it

This all sounds very daunting right now, but as they say, thinking is the first step towards your goal and I am sure writing it down is the second. Before I take full aware third step towards execution, I am writing down these words of determination and self-promise for me to read them during the shaky independent entrepreneurial times.

Voila! Third project idea: The Journey to Entrepreneurship! (And this very post will be its first chapter)

I know I am burdening myself, but when did I ever let fear take over me? Never! By the time I am thirty, of all the 3 ideas, I hope to have at least 1 money making business that I am truly passionate about. If none of it works, I would have learnt 3 different lessons of “How not to do business?”.

Now that’s being positive (+ stupid) while risking it all.

Honestly! I am shit scared!

Enything is Possible if you've got enough nerve | Gypsyfly | Rakshita Kapoor

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