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I get my moments of love, sympathy and empathy towards the nature. And during the hormone ruling times, I end up writing all that’s wrong and unjust with the world (read sample article here).

So, instead of ranting about what’s wrong with the world, this article talks about a few things that are right with it, few of the many things that leave me feeling happy and beautiful with zero guilt. My list of brands and products that are 100% natural, good for skin and against animal testing and that I carry on, almost all my trips.

I have dry skin with T zone and I am a big fan of toiletries, so much so that my family jokingly suggests to host a garage sale just for all the toiletries that crowd my bath area. However, if I were to choose the essentials that I would carry with me on my travels from the whole host of products, I’d blindly pick these for the quality of ingredients that go in making of these products and for the parent brand’s friendly and ethical attitude towards nature.

  1. Dr. Haushka: Their mission is “to Support the Healing of Humanity and the Earth” which reflects in the production process of the products and their products quality. I have tried their truck loads of products (a big thank you to my brother, who got me my fair share of these goodies from Germany, the birth country of Dr. Haushkas). My favourites are:
Dr. Hauschka Best Products

Dr. Hauschka Best Products

  • Neem hair oil: It works beautifully on dandruff and leaves you hair soft and shiny after every wash.
  • Melissa Day Cream: Light and nourishing. People who use Clinique, dramatically different face moisturizer should love it. 
  • Hands cream is an absolute heaven. I try to wear hand cream after every hand wash and before going to sleep. It’s non greasy and leaves my hands soft and rejuvenated. 
  • Rose body moisturizer: It’s hydrating and not thick, perfect for autumn when the skin gets dry and require subtle hydration and not thick coating of body creams. I am in absolute love with it. 
  • Other products that I’ve tried are: Cleansing Cream: I am not a big fan because of the smell  | Body Wash: It’s light and doesn’t lather much, typical of natural wash products | Cleansing Milk: It leaves skin a bit greasy after use, do wash your face after use to avoid oil related acne problems. 

It’s a beautiful range of natural and organic cosmetics that are neither overpowering in their physical texture nor in their fragrance. Subtle mild fragrances leave you feeling content and wholesome.

China doesn’t allow any product that is not clinically/animal tested. Apparently Chinese skin is very sensitive and animals are the testers for the product reactions. And hence, you’d not find Dr. Haushkas products selling in China. If you want to be sure that whether a brand does animal tests or not, look whether it sells in China.

  1. Forest Essentials: My love for the forest essentials deepens further for the reason that it’s a home grown brand gone global and luxe. Everything from the fragrance in their store, to the goodness of their products to even their packaging leaves you feeling pampered and spoilt. The purity and efficacy of their products foster the faith in humane yet indulgent beauty. And I adore their 2012 ad.
Forest Essentials 2012 Ad

Forest Essentials 2012 Ad

My picks of 100ml travel size bottles are:

  • Rose Body Mist: It’s hydrating and yet moisturizing because of glycerin in it. It smells natural and gives me instant boost of freshness on long flights.
  • Organic Fruit Scrub: it’s got perfect consistency and texture for the use on face. It’s not harsh and doesn’t irritate the skin. It gently exfoliates leaving skin soft and supple with a lingering fresh fragrance.
  • Luscious Lip Balm: Made with natural butter and cold pressed oils, it’s a must have in your travel bag.
  1. Om Ved: A small single shop styled brand has Ayurveda and natural products. Om Ved has a great assortment of products that are therapeutic and great to touch and feel.
  • Vetiver Bath Scrub: A natural loofah made of Vetiver roots, it gently exfoliates, smoothens the skin, relieves tension and cleanses the aura (or so I would like to believe :)) after a long, adventurous day in a new city.
  • Shower Gel: I am a big fan of Body Shop’s Olive Body Scrub, but my current love is Refreshing Body Shower Gel by Om Ved. It’s mild and made with Juniper, Lemongrass and Turmeric extracts that relieves fatigue, is a great skin toner + it has a beautiful natural mild fragrance to it.
  • Breathe Ease Eye Pillow: Made with dried flowers and cold pressed essential oils of Eucalyptus, Chamomile and Peppermint, it’s a fabulous all NATURAL remedy that assures sound and relaxed sleep. Its therapeutic cold treatment soothes tired eyes and warm treatment helps relieve headaches and migraines and congestion in suffering souls.

They also sell organic clothing. If you are buying products just for aroma, make sure to smell the samplers, as Ayurveda products can have an overbearing smell because of the various medicinal herbs in them.

4.Himalaya Pure Neem Facewash: This one is my all-time favorite. I have tried whole truck load of face washes by some of the great international brands to the indigenous versions, but this light green gel leaves my skin acne free and happy.

  1. Just herbs: I came across their website a while ago and have been thinking to order few goodies from the site. The site looks promising and offers a whole lot of information about their products. What I really liked was their approach to educate their customers and visitors about the natural ingredients and the age aging process, among various beauty, cosmetics and other things.

I am tempted to list Lush and have used their products but not sure if they are 100% Natural/ Organic. However their campaign with PETA against animal testing won all the respect from me and my friends. Check it out here

The big bonus of natural products is that they don’t have heavy hazardous metals in them, which many of the mainstream, high fashion cosmetic product lines do. However, watch out for me-too “natural” brands and read the label carefully before buying.

Have you used any of the brands and products listed above? What’s your take on Natural cosmetics and toiletries? Do write in with any queries you might have about this post.

Note: Animal testing for cosmetics and household products like cleaners etc. is banned in India. Do the brands you use, test on animals? Start by doing a simple Google search.

Stay beautiful; inside and out!

Until Later,
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