5th Jul’14, morning 6’o clock – I was coiled up and fast asleep for past 6 hours in this comfortable beige recliner laid out in the uncomfortable low temperature transit lounge of Jeddah. Got 6 more hours to kill before the connecting flight to Casablanca.

My flight was a relaxed one. We took Saudia as it offers great service with good airbuses and cordial staff. Due to Ramadan it was jam packed with whole lot of pilgrims traveling to Mecca. Most of the passengers were much over middle age. At the ticket desk and around the gate, it was a peaceful, religious and calming site with almost everybody dressed in pristine white. Almost all men wore white kurta pajama and before the flight they showered and wrapped themselves in 2 white pieces of unstitched fabric. The one at the waist was tied in a lungi style, secured at the waist by belted money pouches. Top part of the body was covered by another white piece of cotton fabric. Few of the men whore heavier white woolen fabric, more sensible for the dropping temperatures in the flight and for the airport.

In the lounge, people around me are all cuddled up as round balls. Body flexes is the only resort to retain some warmth in such a cold room. I am just glad that I got hit by a last minute idea to keep a shawl/mini duvet for 12 hours stopover at Jeddah. Thanking much my common sense for that. Before I huddle up in my temporary bed for next 6 hours, I freshened up and shat without any constipation issues. It’s a big deal for me as no matter how much I travel, like many other travelers bowels is one issue that I face more than often. I am so relieved and happy. You see travel, flights and constipation are best friends. If that’s not the case with your travels then you are one lucky dog.

Another thing making me all happy is this gorgeous grilled croissant cheese, cucumber and tomato sandwich. Coupled with a cup of hot cappuccino. I feel so fresh, up and about that I am sitting here noting down this little experience on my tab. With 6 more hours to go, this so far has been one of the most comfortable stopover. I am really looking forward to this trip, to Morocco, Barcelona and Kerala.

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