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“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”

― Mark Twain

That’s how my last weekend exactly was. I visited world book fair 2014 on past Sunday to meet up with a wonderful friend and a colleague Manisha. She was visiting for work and I was visiting for her. Sadly, we didn’t get much time together, it was a quick lunch and a bit of chit chat. But I am not complaining as I did get to see her.

While Manisha, like an adept professional and problem solver was busy tending to queries, pouring in from all directions, I took some time out to explore Kindle by Amazon for myself. I loved the Paperwhite and here are my reasons for it.

Amazon Kindle @World Book Festival, Pragati Maidan 2014

Amazon Kindle @World Book Festival, Pragati Maidan 2014

Kindle Paperwhite: (buy it here)

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

  1. Being a traveler, I like hassle-free, lightweight and comfortable to carry around goods. This piece of beauty is super comfortable to hold and carry on all the trips. It’s sleek and light and can hold around 15000 books in it. Now imagine carrying even 1/10th of the number books with you? I’d rather sit at home then go travel with all this weight. So a big thumbs up for its physical features that compliments my traveler soul so well.
  2. Another feature of Kindle Paperwhite that shall appeal to our travel souls is its battery backup. It can go up to 5 – 8 weeks with single charge. You will run out of battery in every possible gadget of yours, but not Kindle Whitepaper. Now that’s something we shall bow down to.
  3. It’s a non-tablet, tablet (Non-Hotel, Hotel of Neemrana is stuck with me). Due to this matt non reflective surface, it’s perfect for reading even in bright sunlight which is unlike my experience with any of the Tablets including iPad. It felt like a chic, technology driven book with so many books in it. Also, due to myopia, I can’t read continuously as my eyes start to hurt. Its matt finish screen with high science front-lit design, gives light to the display and doesn’t project it at our eyes like all the other tablets. So when I say that Paperwhite is extremely comfortable on eyes it sure as hell is. (On an unrelated note: my brand new Samsung tab is up for sale: any takers? 🙂
  4. Ideal for the gypsy souls who like to stay connected. Kindle offers Wifi and 3G versions. Cost of Wifi version is a couple of thousands lesser than the 3G (with Vodafone connection) version. Both of the versions lets you browse the net and connect to all the popular social sites like FB and Twitter. You can also download books while you are busy tripping to some distant exotic locale. No more looking for bookstores.

Kindle Paperwhite: It’s the best device for reading. Period!

At Amazon's Kindle Stall: Huge turnout and helpful information staff

At Amazon’s Kindle Stall: Huge turnout and helpful information staff

So head to Pragati Maidan, before Sunday to avail discount on Amazon Kindle.

Entry from Gate 7 & 8
Entry charges: INR 20/- per person
Kindle with WiFi: INR10,000/- (original price 11,000/-) : Buy it here
Kindle with 3G: INR 11,000/-(original price 12,000/-): Buy it here
Coffee/ Lunch with friends: INR 200 – 300/-per person
Hugs, laughs, discussions with a friend: Priceless

Apart from all the Kindle’s awesomeness, what got me on my toes was knowing about Amazon’s Direct Publishing platform. It’s brilliant if you are an independent writer, looking to get your books to your readers.

Best part is that its FREE! All you need to do is: signup and upload your first book. There are various tools and tutorials that will help you navigate seamlessly.

Another best part: You get a whopping 70% of royalties from sales of your book, without having to go through the hassle of publishers or middlemen.

A true Digital Age has begun and I can’t wait to take a Kindle with me on my next trip, laze and read my share of philosophical books. Write about my journey and more related stories and publish it all on Amazon. It was a useful and a happy weekend.

Now, this is an idle life!

Until Later,