I was very close to deleting this post just until now, when a friend and traveler with whom I once traveled, shared an image on my wall…

Write something worth reading or do something worth writing

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing

On asking its relevance she said that it’s for me. I write things worth reading and am doing stuff worth writing about. {My thoughts were exactly as yours… Really?} I wish I felt the same way as she did while sharing this image. Such big and humbling words can be a mover for anyone.

Big Word: I am probably the wrong person to inspire anybody. However at the risk of sounding pompous and blowing my own trumpet, I know I’ve managed to do a small roll play in this play called “Inspiration” (Such a freaking big word, let’s tone it down and call it, well! “The Big Word”). As a few and handful of the readers there might be, my silly words have managed to make a difference. I know it because, they’ve told me and I choose to be naive to trust them. These people are neither close friends nor family (that’s the toughest nut to crack, isn’t it), but acquaintances from college, travels and strangers.

Blog’s Play: Many were upset when I made GypsyFly.co a bit more personal than it was initially intended. On sharing a personal post under “Project I”, I was told that it’s following will drop as people liked the page because of the anonymity factor etc. They were right in there assumptions to great extent, after all GypsyFly was setup to inspire people to travel via gorgeous pictures of the places which would encourage people to adopt travel as a lifestyle.

But we failed! We set out to do something truly personal and exhilarating by keeping it impersonal and superficial to images. How stupid? Are the selfies in exotic locales enough to move someone to travel? They sure are sufficient to make others jealous but “The Big Word” is an all different ball game.

Bigger and Better: Anyhow, the strategy of pictures got its fair share of awes, wows and fans on FB, but what got the blog its fair share of popularity were the experiences told in words. GypsyFly’s views skyrocket with personal posts and pictures. Views are increasing with each of the published post and people are using “GypsyFly” as names of their Pinterest boards. What more can a writer/blogger want?

Balance: One can argue and rightfully so that people read personal posts because people are curious and they want to know what’s going on in my life. They now know me as a traveler, but my life is not just about travel, it’s made up of many more fine things like relationships, emotions, love, anger, questions and many relishing moments of happiness. I, like every one of you, strive for a constant balance and my blog got to reflect the same. All is not hunky dory, every day is not a party or a trip to some fancy place (no matter what a few bloggers might say or portray).  Long story short, my life is not only about travel, it’s made up with emotions, regular days in office, power struggles, mood swings, and life changing events all tied to a common thread called Travel.

In one post, I might propagate vegetarianism (for which I faced heat and lost many restaurant review opportunities) while in another, I go all gaga over a condom commercial (for which I faced heat, yet again). All things around me affect me for good or for bad. Hence, it’s only fair that I paint a real like (sans blush) picture of my life through various sections of GypsyFly.co. With Travel Diary, Lifestyle and Articles sections of my blog, I hope to leave you inspired to travel, question, live and love life.

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Inspiration - The Big Word | Project I

Inspiration – The Big Word | Project I