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Kathmandu is a refreshing and affordable getaway for people who want to escape from the hectic city lives of Indian metros. Humble, warm and ideal for an extended weekend getaway Kathmandu offers far more than few options that you’ll end up cherishing, relishing and clicking. Below is a picture diary of Kathmandu and places to eat from one of our Gypsy Gaurav Vaid.

His words for Kathmandu: Pack your bags and camera and go bonkers with awesome colorful ambience, great food and lovely people.

Thamel Street: Thamel, the most popular tourist destination of KathmanduNepal flaunts humble commercial colorful shops that are laid out in narrow streets. You can find everything that needed to satiate the traveler in you. From hunt for souvenirs, to good food and warm people Thamel offers it all. Potpourri of small beautiful shops, hawkers and kiosks sell everything including food, clothes, walking gear, pastries, music, and handicrafts. You can also find travel agents and budget hotels.

Sadhu on the streets of Thamel, Kathmandu by Gaurav Vaid

Sadhu on the streets of Thamel, Kathmandu

Hawker selling Buddhist icons and figurines, Thamel, Nepal

Hawker selling Buddhist icons and figurines, Thamel, Nepal by Gaurav Vaid

Kathmandu, Nepal by GypsyFly
Rikshaw puller on the streets of  Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal 

Road House Café: We Stayed in Arcadia apartment right above Road House Café. Located in a relaxed atmosphere, Roadhouse café serves the best wood oven Pizzas & Pastas with olive oil and hot chillies on the side. Coffee and hot chocolate are a must try at Red House Café. The restaurant has a small courtyard on the back side for the travellers looking for some peaceful time or just wishing to escape the chaos of Thamel Street.

Road House Café by Gaurav Vaid

Road House Café, Kathmandu, Nepal

 Electric Pagoda: Hippy styled, happy, live music, varied menu, laid back seating are just few of the words that I can think of to describe Electric Pagoda. Situated in a garden in Thamel, this place serves food that is at par with the other restaurants. What makes it stand apart is the courtyard sitting and excellent warm service.

Electric Pagoda, Kathmandu, Nepal by Gaurav Vaid

Electric Pagoda, Kathmandu, Nepal

B.K’s French Fries: I always wanted to visit B.K’s French Fries, thanks to a bunch of friends who’ve been there almost a year before my visit and just couldn’t stop raving about the place. I was told if you taste B.K’s french fries once, you will crave for it again and again and that will bring you back to Nepal. Though it is not one of the most appealing restaurants when it comes to look and feel, but food was what made it worth our visit! Tasty, crispy fries in 4 different sauces to choose from at very economical but delectable fried fries made us stuff ourselves. BK’s is way too superior to any of the fries joints I have ever tried. It’s a must visit place.

Alchemy: I visited Alchemy almost every day during my stay in Kathmandu for its incredibly delicious Italian food and Everest beer that I tried for the very first time in my life. I am a big pasta and Pork chops fan and will vouch for this place for its fresh salads, delicious pastas and of course juicy pork chops.

Alchemy restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal by Gaurav Vaid

Alchemy restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal

Author: Gaurav Vaid

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