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Launched yesterday, covered by vogue and some of the nation’s top bloggers, taking rounds on FB, #DotheRex is bound to be rocking our Indian world very soon. Its groovy tunes, fun approach and a snazzy celebrity Ranvir Singh’s singing and grooving in the video got me doing the move. The new definition of love making, with its catchy tunes is bound to pick pace like a wild fire. I know for the fact that I’ll soon be explaining to my mum and close aunties the reason why this ad is so cool.

I loved the TVC, not because of the titillating part, but for the “New Cool” vibe that Durex has effortlessly put across. Many are arguing that it’s promoting sex. Well! Correct as it might be, little do we, naïve souls, blinded by the values, know that people who do sex, they anyway will do it no matter how much moral policing our society does. From where I look at it, it’s an uber cool way to break the barriers of communication around the word “SEX” plus spread the rightful, era appropriate message of safe sex to all the practitioners in a rather groovy way.

Those who haven’t yet seen it, check it out here

Do the Rex by Durex | Post by Rakshita Kapoor

Do the Rex by Durex | Post by Rakshita Kapoor

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