When you are looking for the innovations, you’ve got to head to the place where it will not only be given the first shot but most likely will be accepted. That’s exactly what I did. I headed to DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon where Indian corporate bourgeois and possibly every trend savvy Delhiite welcomes ‘the new’ with open arms, tries it and then boasts about it (in most cases, rightfully so).

Combining food science with gastronomic innovation with the meal course that we all look forward to: deserts, Cherry Comet brings the first commercial liquid nitrogen ice-cream joint in town. Located in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, it can be found right next to the Chai-Point shop (Check my post on Chai-Point here).

Opened a few months back, cherry comet is serving one of the most delectable flavors of ice-creams without any preservative, coloring or artificial flavoring. It’s au naturel at its best.  I love gelatos for all the creaminess and flavors such as rum, resin, bubble-gum, choco etc. they bring forth, but Cherry Comet is taking the art of ice-cream making a notch higher, its instant, made in front of your eyes with the flavors of your choice. It’s not Italian but nitrogen made. You heard it! The steamy blast of liquid Nitrogen is poured on fresh cream, milk, fresh fruits and and other exotic ingredients in the big mixing bowl and churned into ice-cream to be popped on that waffle cone. I loooove my ice-cream on the crispy waffle cone.

I would have loved it to be hand churned, but it’s churned in the churning machine with pipe for the nitrogen supply attached to the bowl. Despite being slight industrial in the making process, I love the taste of the end product and I am all for innovations.

Its novelty gone mass and that’s something I LOVE! With the capital L.

Know about any cool innovations or quirky live businesses? Give me a shout and I will share my thoughts on how super I find it.

Cherry Comet Ice Cream Review by Rakshita Kapoor GypsyFly.co

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