Last week I came home to a gorgeous pair of ultra-comfortable “The Barefoot Shoe by Chandrika Tribe”. The humble shoe embodies in itself all the comfort and durability a great shoe is expected to hold.

I had my fair share of reservations about putting a leather product up on GypsyFly.Co. The ever hyper, inquisitive mind started going over all sorts of questions to which I had no ready answer. After a week of pondering over how ethical this shoe is, where the leather has been sourced from, how fair the making process of this shoe is, what are the effects on the environment, are there any dye byproducts released in waters, I took some time out to have a chat with one of its creators Tareshwar Singh. He walked me through the entire process, answered all my concerns about where and how the leather is sourced from. His answers were pretty satisfactory and here I am sharing my experience with my pair of “Barefoot Shoes” with you.

Finer Details of The Barefoot Shoe

Finer Details of The Barefoot Shoe

It’s made from Italian leather sourced from animals raised for meat in Montebello Italy. The raw materials of it are all natural made with vegetable dyes, sole is of natural rubber and even shoe laces are made with leather oiled for strength and smoothness.

The Barefoot Shoe - Chandrika Tribe by GypsyFly

The Barefoot Shoe – Chandrika Tribe | Picture by Rakshita Kapoor of GypsyFly

The Barefoot Shoe - Chandrika Tribe

The Barefoot Shoe – Chandrika Tribe

This product is completely India inspired and perfectly fit in the luxury category just because of the flawless comfort it provides. I can imagine myself wearing it on my Grecian Holiday, Santorini this year. Its high tensile strength and its resistance to tear, puncture and head forms the spine of the shoe. It’s lined with breathable leather that doesn’t retain moisture. Further used in between the shoe and sole, it provides heat insulation and added strength and comfort. As per its makers, the shoes are so strong that you can track in them. Can’t be sure of that as of now.

The Barefoot Shoe

The Barefoot Shoe

Chandrika Tribe is a small establishment of 16 people working out of a workshop in Delhi. Its child labor free and do not add any waste product or pollution to the environment. A whole lot of expertise goes behind in making the shoe. Master artisan Bipin Srivasta, has approx. 49 years of experience with other two technical pattern constructors with over 20 years each of experience.

Twin to Skin :: The Barefoot Shoe

Twin to Skin :: The Barefoot Shoe

100% handmade from all natural, rich leather, this particular pair is the most comfortable thing I’ve worn recently. Rightly named the Barefoot Shoe, I’d be sporting a lot of it in near future.

You can send in your order inquiries on their FB page here

Chandrika Tribe - The Barefoot Shoe | Rakshita Kapoor| GypsyFly

Chandrika Tribe – The Barefoot Shoe

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