A long due post, that I’ve been meaning to since my last trip to Spain. Known for flamenco beats, Gaudi brilliance and football frenzy among many other things, Spain is home to some exquisite culture, gorgeous men and lip smacking dishes. Talking about food, here is a list of some yummy vegetarian and vegan dishes for tourists looking to get a taste of local flavours without considering any kind of meat consumption. There are a lot of meatless alternatives for vegans if you recognize what to request. The accompanying Spanish nourishments are some of the most loved dishes by vegans and most are effortlessly found in bars and restaurants all through Spain. A vegetarian can not only sustain but thrive on Spanish flavours in a bar or restaurant. What will make the flavours more memorable is the lively floor, throbbing to the flamenco beats.

So, here are a few vegan Spanish dishes that you should opt for on your next visit to Spain:

Paella: Considered as Spain’s national dish, Paella is a pan rice dish cooked in olive oil. The most popular version that I saw was seafood paella, however many meat lovers order meat or mix paella with meat and greens. Vegetarian paella is gaining popularity, thanks to the increasing number of vegetarian/ vegan tourists. It can be found in almost all food joints, bars and restaurants and is a must try.

Marinated Carrots:

This is one of the most loved dishes in all of Spain. The trap is to parboil the carrots with the goal that they are only delicate, yet not in any manner soft. It is made in Virgin olive oil and consists of several herbs and flavors. Can be easily found on bars. Who says carrots and drinks do go together.

Spanish Potato Omlette:

If you eat eggs, potato omelette can be quite delightfully sumptuous for a hungry tummy. Made in olive oil with eggs, potatoes and onions, this is a Spanish nourishment that is known and relished by everybody in Spain. Times for indulgence: lunch, nibble time, or supper (and not breakfast!) Served hot, icy, between bread, or with ketchup and mayonnaise and a cut of tortilla.

Eggs with Asparagus:

Another egg option: This famous plate of food is a blend of neighbourhood asparagus and eggs arranged in a mixture of different ways. The best one is with a poached egg and some jamón.

Fried Vegetables:

This dish is also known as calamares del campo. It’s a dish made with simple deep fried vegetables and are a great comfort/bar food. Onions is the popular pick, peppers, asparagus and zucini also find their way into the dish more than often.

Spinach and Chickpeas tapas:

Healthy and hearty, spinach and chickpeas is a radiant blend and is one of my most loved Spanish dishes. It’s simple and yet super sound.


A croquette is essentially a little mess of nourishment put together in a ball. Spain is well known for its meat option which clearly is not exactly what a veggie lover would want. Fortunately, you can more often than not discover vegan croquettes in many restaurants and bakeries.

Fried Eggplant:

Just reading about this dish should make you hungry! Envision an eggplant, cut super thin and fried until its deep fried and crusty. At that point, it’s typically secured in a shower of homemade honey and served with tomato soup. Yummy!


Pisto is essentially cooked vegetables (onion, pepper, eggplant, and tomato) that are then delicately pureed into a thick sauce. Spaniards sear an egg to per their preference and put it on top of the dish. You can anytime skip the egg and just dig deep in this delightful, solid, and veggie paradise.

AJo Blanco:

Ajo blanco is another cool soup. This is mainly a velvety and heavenly mix of different ingredients. It’s normally presented with certain fruits like grape blocks on top. It’s totally unique in relation to anything I can consider. However, it’s truly delectable and worth an attempt while you’re in Spain. What’s more, in case you’re pondering, the garlic flavour is not too strong.

P.S: Everything tastes better with Estrella!

I am feeling hungry already and no matter how much I like, I can’t travel to Spain right now. Typing in Foodpanda.com. 😀

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