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HongKong boasts of one of the seamless transport systems that is always on schedule, is efficient and comfortable to ride in. The best way to commute in Hong Kong is via MTR. It’s easy, accessible and has connectivity to almost all important parts of HK. The last train is usually 11.00 pm in the night. For the regions not connected with MTR there are busses connecting distant and far off regions of the country.

If you are out late and you would be if you are in Hong Kong for its fabulous nightlife and numerous night amusement options that it has to offer, you will need to catch a cab to get back to your bed. Again, the cab facility is great and drivers with GPRS follow the directions closely.

The Octopus Card: Octopus card will provide you one shot access to almost all the MTR stations, Busses and Ferries. It can be bought at any MTR station. What was surprising to me that it even worked at my hotel neighboring 7-11 store. I was told that it works in many local departmental stores and even restaurants. In short it’s a super card that will come in very handy if you are eager to avoid the queues of tickets, save time and a few bucks by not always travelling in taxis.

Octopus card carry a deposit of HK$50 which you can withdraw at any MTR station before leaving HK. You can also withdraw any unconsumed amount by paying a marginal processing fee of HK$15.

Octopus Card for Hong Kong Travel

Octopus Card for Hong Kong Travel

Taxis: Taxis in Hong Kong operate at a fixed meter rate. Passengers need to pay the return toll at bigger tolls units like Aberdeen tunnel toll. i.e $20 (return fair). Refer to the rate and instructions card pasted right below the windows of the back doors. You can reach one to another part of the city in well under HK$150.

Taxi drivers are warm and friendly and will help you with further directions, suggestions of places to visit, money exchange units etc. My first cab driver was so honest that he stopped the meter when he missed my hotel turn. It’s such a refreshing delight.

Taxis might/ might not accept Octopus card, so check before getting in it. You can do payment in cash and by credit cards.

The Tourist Mini Cards: Grab you share of Tourist Mini Cards. I got my load at the Hotel helpdesk. I got these cards on the standee next to the hotel reception and my receptionist suggested to keep these handy, in case I wanted any help with directions.

These tiny picture cards hold information about the route and specialty of that particular tourist spot. Carry them in your pocket or that tiny traveler’s bag of yours and I assure you, you’d end up using them for all last last minute changes in the itinerary. Being handy, they turned out extremely helpful with all the micro sized information printed in just a size of a visiting card.

Hong Kong Tourist Mini Cards

Hong Kong Tourist Mini Cards

Tourist mini cards are free. There is also an app that you can download to get these on your phone.

Hope these tips come in handy on your next trip to Hong Kong.

Untill later,

– Rakshita

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