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I am eating peanut caramel tart. Day started at 7 am, I entered office at 8.40 am, crunched up all the numbers for a quarterly review meeting, added pie charts & bars; rephrased, deleted and added sentences; made it much more pretty that a deck comprised of excel tables filled with impression, clicks, CPC & CTR data deserves, ignored so many calls that it’s not even funny, and ended up presenting just 6 of the 42 beautifully laid out slides. Talking of internet slangs: #FML!

A rather long day it was. Productive but long. Left meeting at 6.00pm, famished and hungry. Thinking of my trip to McLeodganj sometime late last year and salivating for a banana pancake, I enter a cute little bakery close to my place, order veg coriander soup and big meal of red sauce pasta. I dig in, take one bit after another, I Indulge with capital “I” in every sip of soup followed by every single bite of pasta and then bite of that bread. Nom, nom, ummm. God! It feels like heaven.

Food is done and I want more. I am carving for that Banana Pancake and they don’t have any of it. What a bummer! I ask if I could try a cookie. The guy behind the counter gave me the entire piece of Lemon cookie dipped in chocolate. On asking about the price and he says it’s on the house. I know for the fact (well! not really) that he felt sorry for this hungry, lonely looking, childish soul asking to try a cookie. Cookie was however really good, but didn’t cut it out for me and I am still craving. I settle for the next favorite “Peanut” tart and bring it home. After a cold shower that washed off the humid sweat, I sit with legs crossed to indulge in it! Taking one bit at a time, it tastes so AWESOME.

My day was one of the many usual “good” days that’s going to end at me eating peanut tart with raisins and jaggery caramel. Beat that!

It's a Good Day!

It’s a Good Day!