Word of mouth is a great and no cost marketing for an awesome product that I am writing about today, ChaiPoint.com. And that’s exactly how I got to know about it. You see it’s crucial to have a user insight behind any successful business, and sometimes these insights can make you a millionaire.

ChaiPoint | Chai time Picture by Rakshita Kapoor| GypsyFly.co

Chaipoint, a very basic yet innovative business that delivers high quality, Indian style, hot piping tea in a dot time of 30 minutes. Perfect for any Indian working for a fancy and uber urbanized corporate setup in the areas of Delhi and Bangalore (Sorry Mumbai, you are missing out on something rather kickass). No matter how much we love to try out new crossover country products, we somehow never fail on our basic instincts. Either on travel or on work, if given a choice of donuts, burgers and a cup of good Indian style spiced tea, my blind pick will be tea. And chaipoint is not close to failing my high expectations from a cup of good tea.

ChaiPoint | High On Chai Picture by Rakshita Kapoor| GypsyFly.co

In their own words: “Chai Point’s mission is simply to fuel the billion Indians-on-the-go, to justify those billion reasons with that great glass of Chai. We’re that stop along the way for a quick refill and a refreshing jumpstart, so that you can get back to your demanding day completely refreshed and rejuvenated.”

ChaiPoint | Chai time Picture by Rakshita Kapoor| GypsyFly.co

After trying it out many times, my pick from the lot is Ginger Tea. That’s partially because I like ginger tea in general.

I am not feeling too great today, I found myself craving for some tea. So much so I gave @chaipoint a shout out on twitter in a vain effort, without realizing that the handle doesn’t even belong to them. At this point I realized that this is what addiction sounds like.

Rakshita Kapoor twitter tweets

Chai Point, Chai Flask Packaging | Picture by Rakshita Kapoor| GypsyFly.co

ChaiPoint | Chai time Picture by Rakshita Kapoor| GypsyFly.co

You can check them out here. There are approx 12 servings in eack flask though they say it’s 10. Unfortunately, they deliver in very selective business and IT districts of Delhi and Bangalore. Hope they expand their wings soon and fast, because both, their business proposition and the product are very good.

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